Attack on Titan season 3 episode 6 Sin

Attack on Titan season 3 episode 6 Sin Historia assures Eren that her father has good intentions even though he created problems for the Scouts and killed Pastor Nick. Rod then instructs Historia to touch Eren, triggering subconscious memories which leave Eren traumatized from learning that he was turned into a titan by his father Grisha on the night he received the key before eating him. The process also unintentionally triggers Historia's memories of meeting a girl named Frieda, whom Rod reveals to be Historia's half-sister who erased herself from the girl's memories. Rod explains that Frieda possessed a power kept in their family before Grisha, also able to turn into a Titan, killed her for it while slaughtering her four siblings and mother. Later, Kenny arrives and updates them on the coup d'├ętat before preparing to defend the crystalline chamber beneath the Reiss chapel with his men. Meanwhile in the capital, Pyxis reveals to Erwin that the Reiss family possess the power to alter memories before Erwin leads a force out to rescue Eren. As Kenny Ackerman prepares his defense, he recalls his grandfather saying that the Ackermans were once bodyguards to the Reiss royal family but were exiled as the Reiss memory altering powers had no effect on them. Meanwhile, Levi's small squad finds a hidden trapdoor in the floor of the Reiss chapel and they prepare to descend and rescue Eren.

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